Leandro Guedes – Astronomer

Leandro is an accomplished professional astronomer currently working for the Rio de Janeiro Planetarium. His degrees include PHD in History and Philosophy Science -Underway- from UFRJ-Brazil in conjunction with Notre Dame-USA, Masters in Extra Galactic Astrophysics Astronomy from UFRJ / Brazilian National Observatory, B.A. in Astronomy from UFRJ, and lastly B.A. in Computer Science from SESAT-RJ

Abilio Andries – TV Audience Research

Abilio is a media research professional with 8 years of TV audience research experience. He has been a consultant with Franco Research Group since 2012 for national TV networks and local TV stations. Prior to FRG, Abilio held positions at Nielsen Media Research, and worked for major media companies including FOX Broadcasting, OMD/Omnicom Group, and Style Cable network (NBC Universal). Abilio holds a B.A. in Business Administration with minor in Marketing Research from CUNY and a B.A. in Computer Science from SESAT-RJ

Institutional Mission Statement

CelestialChart Mission
Provide accurate astronomical information that is easy to read, for real time and scheduled (Past or Future) on celestial bodies and constellation for observation from any region on planet earth, thus an essential tool for professional or amateur astronomers. CelestialChart strives to foster scientific curiosity and inquisitiveness.