What is it for?

To be a tool for Amateur and Professional Astronomers involved with sky observation activities, and, mainly, for more and more people to be enchanted by the sky. This site provides as much information about the sky at a given location to allow you to identify the constellations and planets visible, know the phase of the moon and have other astronomical information, such as the spectral type of stars and the position of meteor showers. This site can also be a first contact with Astronomy and sky observation for those who are starting in this activity.

How does it works?

1- Go to the link Local. There you can fill the name of a city, neighborhood, country, building or any other place and click on the button, or manually enter the latitude, longitude, altitude and time zone information;

2 - After that, navigating through the Menu, you will have a celestial chart and ephemeris with information for the chosen location;

3 - Before informing a location, the site shows information for the "Center of the World", with zero latitude and longitude;

4 - On the page Sky Map, a map of the sky of the chosen location is generated for the moment the page is being visited. There is a menu with several options for configuring this chart, including for other dates.

Can I copy and use the generated images of the sky maps on Celestial Chart website?

You can and should. Make yourself comfortable. Sky charts are free for personal, educational, or commercial use. We kindly ask you to cite the source

Who made this website and how can I get in touch in case of further doubts?

Behind this website are:

- Leandro L S Guedes, Astronomer

- Bruno Abreu, Designer

- Abilio Andries, Statistician and Amateur Astronomer

- Carl Bednarz, Printing Engineer and Amateur Astronomer

To get in touch, please write to [email protected]