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Center of the World!

July 19, 2024 (local time)

Rising, Meridian Transit and Setting (local time and coordinates)
Rises Rises
Transit Altitude
Sets Sets Azimuth
Moon 16h29m52s 118°22'12.2" 22h44m40s 61°20'20.5" 03h59m00s 241°39'22.3"
Sun 06h02m35s 69°15'13.8" 12h06m22s 69°18'30.1" 18h10m08s 290°39'07.6"
Mercury 07h51m32s 76°46'58.5" 13h53m49s 76°55'14.2" 19h56m06s 282°56'58.2"
Venus 06h56m02s 70°46'09.0" 12h58m41s 70°51'14.7" 19h01m19s 289°04'20.5"
Mars 01h55m01s 70°51'09.1" 07h57m07s 70°49'02.9" 13h59m12s 289°13'45.7"
Jupiter 02h50m16s 68°27'33.1" 08h51m55s 68°27'35.4" 14h53m33s 291°33'14.0"
Saturn 21h28m14s 96°12'36.6" 03h33m31s 83°48'13.8" 09h34m46s 263°47'52.2"
Uranus 01h45m02s 70°53'37.4" 07h46m27s 70°53'53.2" 13h47m52s 289°06'37.1"
Neptune 22h06m30s 91°14'49.7" 04h11m43s 88°45'23.3" 10h12m57s 268°45'18.1"